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The Las Vegas Fashion Council is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose membership consists of fashion professionals, students, community leaders, philanthropists and organizations that have a desire to diversify and expand the Las Vegas economy through the efforts of the fashion industry.

Vision: Las Vegas is an established leader in the global fashion industry

Mission: To advance the Las Vegas fashion industry and expand the economy by cultivating relationships between fashion professionals, students, community leaders and organizations.

Purpose and Objectives:

  • Diversify the Las Vegas economy through the fashion industry
  • To further the position of the Las Vegas Fashion industry to an internationally recognized level
  • Create a series of annual events and programs that draw international attention, attendance and media coverage to Las Vegas as a fashion industry
  • Build and expand fashion manufacturing as part of the Las Vegas fashion industry
  • Bring in a nationally recognized educational branch of the fashion industry
  • Create a televised fashion awards program
  • To be the source for exposure and support for our members and businesses within the fashion industry through a series of events, presentations, awards ceremonies, networking events and educational presentations
  • Create a fashion week
  • Create initiatives that raise awareness and funds to support students and emerging artists in the fashion industry
  • Inform consumers and industry leaders about the cultural and economic importance of a strong fashion industry within Las Vegas
  • To promote and improve public understanding and appreciation of the Fashion arts as a recognized branch of art and culture
  • To be the portal of information, resources and connections within the fashion industry
  • To generate funds and accept corporate and private contributions for charitable and philanthropic initiatives and industry activities.